Why Build With SIP’s?

Price Competitive

We at Foam Laminates of Vermont believe that our panels are, dollar for dollar, a better buy than any other insulation system. The Thermal performance of a building system is the highest concern of consumers today. Our SIPs offer the highest R-value for the lowest possible cost. The R-value of EPS remains stable for the life of the structure, unlike panels using expanded polyurethane, isocyanurate or fiber glass. Our panels require less construction time. The system fits together more quickly, and simply than conventional framing, for an overall savings in man-hours.

Ease of Installation

Simplicity is the key to successful construction. Structural Insulated Panels can be installed faster and more easily than a stud wall. The double surface spline system with a foam sealing channel makes our system very efficient and simple to install. An experienced crew can expect to enclose a simple 2,000 square foot home in a 5-6 working days.

Our SIPs can be cut on site with inexpensive saws or pre-cut at our facility. Pre-cutting prevents on-site waste and it reduces crane rental fees.

structural_insulated_panelsManufacturing Flexibility

Foam Laminates of Vermont can manufacture panels specifically for your building needs, offering a variety of sizes and laminates. Because of this manufacturing flexibility, the basic component can be utilized in residential, commercial and agricultural buildings as a floor, wall or roof component. This gives greater versatility in design, which translates into an overall savings for you.

Environmental Concerns

At Foam Laminates of Vermont, we use EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam cores to give you a product that will serve your needs for years to come. We also recognize the need to produce a product that is safe for the environment.

Other insulation products such as polyurethane use chlorofluorocarbons (CFC’s) in the manufacturing process. These CFC’s are light gases that escape from the polyurethane. This outgassing reduces the R-value of the product and contributes to the depletion of the earth’s ozone layer.

EPS, on the other hand, uses captured air from its thermal properties. For you, this means a product that will maintain its R-value for the life of the home, while giving you peace of mind, knowing that you have not contributed to harmful ozone depletion.

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