Structural Insulated Panel Products

Two Ways to use SIPs when Building



Structural Panel

This configuration consists of the SIP as the main load bearing element; they are used in the walls and roofs. This set-up is typical for one story homes and buildings.

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Timber Frame (Post and Beam) Panel

This set-up consists of timber frames with a structural insulated panel enclosure. This configuration is useful for those seeking a traditional look with modern efficiency and convenience.

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Foam Laminates of Vermont has extremely competitive pricing. We take pride in offering a quality product at a fair price. We can work up a free estimate for SIPs, pre-cutting, and installation(Timber Frame applications only). We can quote almost any plan for a SIP quote. We do require fairly detailed plans for a SIP installation quote. Typical turnaround time for quoting is 1-3 days. Contact us today for your quote!



Structural Insulated Panel Specifications


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