Finished Structural Panel House

This is a project we worked on a couple years ago in Burlington, VT. Home Tech Enterprises from Bristol, VT was the general contractor. This home used our wall SIPs in conjunction with insulated scissor trusses. Here is what the home owner had to say about the finished product:

“We absolutely love our house. It is completely maintenance free. The outside is completely clad in metal. No painting. We passed the 5 star energy test for government and state refunds. Truly an airtight house with recirculating air, instant hot water and solar panels that supplies almost all of our electricity. Our bills are so low sometimes I think they are a mistake.

We love every minute we are here. It’s just perfect.”

Structural Insulated Panels provide an air tight envelope that is more efficient than most stud frame construction. Customers also experience savings in onsite labor, onsite waste, and enjoy shorter duration times for construction.

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