Energy Smart Building Plans

The panel plans found in our portfolio section are designed to give you ideas. Provided by Foam Laminates of Vermont and our affiliate, Littlehales Design, each can be tailored to suit your needs or custom plans can be drawn and quoted for you. Click on each plan for a larger PDF. Call for installation, delivery and roof truss pricing for each model.

Some of the designs are for inspiration only. The designs owned by Littlehales Design are full designs that can be purchased or modified by contacting Thomas Littlehales. His contact information can be found below. The prices shown on this page are for SIPs, SIP Fasteners, Splines, Spray Foam, (1) hot knife, and (1) panel saw. The wall panel prices are assuming that the roof will be done with conventional trusses. The wall and roof panel prices assume that the roof panels will require a structural ridge and purlin system that is not included in the price. Shipping, installation, and tax are also not included. Items liked your floor deck, siding, roofing, etc. will be purchased by the home owner and installed by a contractor of their choosing.

* All prices do not include installation, shipping, garage roof panels or tax.

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