Do roofing manufacturers warranty asphalt shingles over SIP roofs?

Some roofing manufacturers warranty asphalt shingles over unvented SIP roofs, while others void their warranty because of higher shingle temperatures. Research conducted by Building Science Corporation reveals that although asphalt shingle temperatures increase slightly (2 – 3 degrees F) in an unvented roof assembly, the color of the shingles and the roof orientation have a much more profound impact on the durability of shingles. According to the Builder’s Guide to Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) published by Building Science Corporation, the typical reduction of shingle life over an unvented SIP roof assembly is between one and two years.

Builders seeking to comply with roofing manufacturer warranties can choose from a variety of more durable, non-asphalt roofing materials or provide a venting space between the SIP roof panels and the roofing material (known as a cold roof).

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